Michel Bauwens, research director of Buen Conocer / FLOK Society, presented some important points for a transition to a society based on the common, where considered necessary to establish an integrated transformation plan, which corresponds to make a change in the current policy proposals that work from this project.

“We must think about social change through the commons”, was one of the assertions in your presentation. Bauwens defines “reciprocity” is a principle, which should be a general exchange value of the commons.

From the vision of Bauwens, economics of social exchange of knowledge should be through the circulation of “idle resources” that can be shared among users. Similarly said the commons can innovate in new scenarios of self. “Common we create our own vehicles for business, we need to make way for the new and definitive ethics coalition,” he said.

After the presentation he  mentioned  a local experience: “The people of Sigchos have ancestral knowledge, but do not have access to knowledge, since it is privatized.” The director of research, along exposure, encouraged the use of open systems design to build this society based on the common.

“We need a transition plan for the commons, we are in a historic shift from bases common to the whole society.” Said Michel Bauwens to close his speech.

You can access the research paper “Transition towards a society based on the common” where lie all proposals, pulsando aquí.