Microentrevista: Massimo Menichinelli

“Las tecnologías libres han demostrado ser importantes para el desarrollo rápido y compartido de muchos productos y servicios”.

Te presentamos la entrevista (en inglés) con Massimo Menichinelli, italiano, diseñador que investiga y desarrolla proyectos abiertos, de colaboración y co-diseño.

How important are free technologies in society?
Free technologies have proved to be important for the quick and shared development of many products and services, so they are not just more ethical but also more useful in the practice.

Free culture was born after the emergence of the free software movement, using the same paradigms and free licenses. Is it possible to make the leap from free culture to free architecture, free agriculture or free economy?

Whenever we want to do a leap from software to other fields, it is very important that we understand which values and aspects can be brought and if the translation can occur without modification. I expect that there will be many modifications to be done in this process, but it is worth to try to spread this ideas.

How would you define the commons?

The commons are a set of tacit and codified knowledge that are constantly managed, improved and shared by a community.

Can the Social Knowledge Economy that Ecuador is creating be an alternative to capitalism?

It is difficult to say when and if a new initiative will be a real alternative, so it is very important to always experiment new directions because this is the only way for finding a real alternative. And collaboration and sharing are vital to this process.

What are your expectations for #BuenConocer Summit in Quito?

I expect that we all learn from each other, and that we can bring this knowledge in other countries as well.